LaunchU 2020 Pacific Union College


CoLab INC had initially planned to hold the LaunchU 2020 Final at Pacific Union College on April 4th; however, due to Covid restrictions and health concerns, the event got postponed to an online version held via Zoom on Wednesday, May 27th, 2020. 

Despite the sudden changes in the event’s format, the finalists still got to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges including Lyndon Nguyen, Lia Griffith and Kevin Welch. After much deliberation, the judges decided to award prizes as follows: 

  • 1st – Sun Rice Coffee Alternative – $5,000 & 5 hour Mentorship
  • 2nd – App for Changing Habits – $3,000 & 5 hour Mentorship
  • 3rd – Networking App for College Students – 3rd Place – $2,000

Marcidale Amurao and Megan Belz were the 1st place winners with their idea of Sun Rice Coffee Alternative. Their company focuses on providing a healthy alternative to coffee made out primarily of rice, soy, maca, goji berry and other natural ingredients. Sun Rice aims to target people who are sensitive to caffeine and other consumers looking for healthy drink options. They aim to differentiate themselves through the taste of their product, the health benefits found in adaptogens and their eco-friendly packaging. 

Bruno De Oliveira won 2nd place with his idea of App for Changing Habits. His app targets college students who struggle with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. The app helps people identify habits and patterns to improve their mental health while also providing a community of support. The app is intended to be used in conjunction with counseling and professional help, as an easy way to track behavior objectively. 

Franco Martinez was the 3rd place winner of the night with his Networking App for College Students. His idea is based on the need for college students to have a networking platform within their university and college campus, where they can share skills that are not necessarily always considered “professional” to post in a LinkedIn profile, for example. The software intends to partner with LinkedIn as an extension of the platform for college students/staff to help them connect based on other skills they may have. 

LaunchU 2020 at Pacific Union College would have not been possible without the help from the students, faculty, staff, and the CoLab INC Team. We are excited to keep promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship in the collegiate community. 

If you are interested in participating in our next LaunchU Pitch Competition find out about the upcoming event near you. You can also become a judge & mentor at our next LaunchU event.