3 Easy Ways to Update Your Website Design


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Designing or updating a website can be frustrating due to budget constraints or lack of experience, which makes you settle for a subpar site.  

Fortunately, there are simple, budget-friendly ways you can implement on your website to build your brand and boost your sales, leads, or donations. 

In our Webinar Wednesday series, we talked to Josh Donnelly, Director of Marketing & Creative at Donco Marketing. Josh addressed the importance of having a website, regardless of the kind of business you are running. 

Understanding your story brand allows you to reach your audience better and communicate your value as a business or nonprofit.

Easy ways to update your website design: 

  • Use a funnel driven design.
    • Start by creating awareness- position yourself in the market
    • Build authority and credibility by providing reasons for why you exist, as well as testimonials and social proof.
    • Include calls to actions- join your newsletter, donate, purchase, etc.
  •   Sell your benefits, not the feature or product.
  • Use simple language and digestible bits of information on your website.

Josh also covered strategies you can use to target your audience, such as using social media and paid digital advertising on Facebook to drive traffic through your website. Use Google Analytics as a free tool to see how people are interacting with your website and how you can improve it.

Remember your website is like a “front door to your business” so keep it up to date on what you’re offering. This will not only help you with search engine optimization, but it will add to your credibility as an organization. 

Connect with Josh Donnelly at Donco Marketing.

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Join the CoLab INC community to join us for our next free webinar