4 Things That Stop Us From Selling Our Knowledge Online

Kymone Hinds the 4 things that stop us from selling

Kymone Hinds is a creativity consultant, coach and creator of Ideas to Life.

Kymone helps individuals and organizations grow and start their entrepreneurial journey.

Throughout this series, Kymone will be sharing about the 4 things that stop people from sharing and selling their knowledge online. 

We’ve all seen the dramatic online shift from businesses and services over the past few years and even more over the past few months.

Kymone encourages listeners to take advantage of these opportunities to share personal knowledge and experience.

However, the first thing that often sets us back is feeling like you don’t know enough about the topic you want to share. 

Listen to Kymone as he explains how to overcome this fear, stop comparing yourself to others, and start helping people to make a side income.

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Part 1: Overcoming The Feeling of Not Knowing Enough 

Part 2: You’ve Waited Too Long To Get Started

Taking advantage of online business opportunities is something worth considering; however, we often find excuses that stop us from sharing our knowledge and generating that extra income.

One of these excuses is that we think we might have waited too long to do something and now it’s too late because maybe someone else may be doing it. 

Listen to Kymone as he explains the flaws in this argument and shares why no one else can do the things the same way you would do them!

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Part 3: No One Will Pay for This 

The easy access to free educational material on the internet can be something that may hinder us from starting your online business because we may feel like no one will see the value in it. 

Kymone debunks this myth as he explains that people usually pay for transformation and not for information. 

Learn how to overcome this obstacle by making your content meaningful and monetize it at the same time!

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Part 4:  I Don’t Know Where to Start

Sometimes the most challenging part about having your own business is getting started in the first place.

That overwhelming feeling of what to tackle first is one of the first obstacles we encounter in the entrepreneurial journey. 

Kymone shares tips on how  to come up with a simple action plan to start sharing your knowledge and making an income off of it. 

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About Kymone Hinds

I am a Creativity Consultant who helps individuals and organizations to bring their Ideas to Life. I have helped people just like you to move from doubting to taking action on their dreams through my work as a minister, coach, and speaker.

Over the last 16 years, my life’s journey has allowed me to mentor youth, empower families, and help people to get their businesses started. Most importantly for you, my expertise is now available to support you as you bring your business Ideas to Life.