Top 3 Free Market Research Tools

Teget market research tools

Gathering and studying data is an important part of finding your target market. In fact, that’s usually where you find reliable information about your customer base and ultimately decide if your idea is a viable one.  The internet is packed full of data and tools, which can be overwhelming at times. If you are just starting out, you may consider … Read More

Find Your Target Market

Sometimes you may have a great idea for a business or product to start, but have no clue as to how other people would react to it.  Would others think it’s a good idea? Would people buy the product?  By identifying your target market, you are able to answer these questions and gain more insight on how to turn your … Read More

Elevator Pitch Basics

Elevator pitch in an elevator

An elevator pitch is a quick, persuasive speech that tells people who you are and what you do in about 30 seconds. It is the answer to the good-old question, “So…what do you do?” This quick pitch is referred to as an “elevator pitch” as you should be able to pitch your business to someone on the ride up or … Read More

Balance Sheet vs Income Statement

Not everyone is gifted with the ability to crunch numbers. That’s why most business owners look for an accountant to worry about these for them. However, if you don’t know how to interpret an income statement and balance sheet, you are at risk of being clueless about the financial health of your business, which limits your ability to make good … Read More

5 Things to Look for in a Business Partner

Business Partnerships

Starting a business is an exciting journey but very demanding at the same time. Depending on what kind of business you’re trying to build, there will come a time when you will be in need of help. If you are looking for a teammate who shares your passion, take some of your responsibilities and expand your skills set, a business … Read More

How To Prepare Your Pitch Deck – 10 Easy Steps

Pitch Deck

Starting or scaling your business can be difficult without proper funding. But there are easy ways you can prepare your pitch deck. After you’ve created your business plan, it’s time to prepare your pitch. There are many ways to get startup funding for your business and one of them is to pitch your idea to venture capitalists or angel investors. … Read More

How to Create a Killer Business Plan

Create a killer business plan

You have a great idea to start a profitable business, but you aren’t totally sure where to go. Well, one of the most important things to do with your idea is to write out a business plan.  What is a business plan? A business plan is similar to a roadmap as it guides your business and outlines your goals, along with … Read More

How to Create a Killer Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Marketing plans are an essential part of starting a business or starting a nonprofit and creating a business plan as it can almost single-handedly determine the success of your business. Despite the ingenuity or need for your product, you may never experience a single sale if you don’t discover the proper way to get it in front of the eyes … Read More