Vacation or Staycation? Getting Creative In 2020


2020 has been a year of challenges and growth. This year has been proven to push us out of our comfort zones in many ways but has also sparked creativity in many. With so many cancelled plans and trips, it is still important to take time to relax, unwind and disconnect from work and other responsibilities. It is not only good for your mental health but for your overall performance at work, school or life in general. In this article we share multiple ideas that you can implement to take a break and get your “vacation mode” on, even if it’s just at home. 

Become a Tourist in your Own City 

Check out the trip advisor to see what areas near you are open for you to discover. You would be surprised to see how many things your local city has to offer that you don’t even know of. Take advantage of drive-in movie theaters, local hikes, parks, restaurants, cafes and find the hidden gems within your neighborhood. At the same time, you would be greatly supporting your own local economy, truly a win-win for everyone!  

Get Outside

This is probably the most common tip you will encounter. Spending time outdoors, according to science daily, has proven to reduce risks of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stress and high blood pressure.  

There are multiple outdoor activities that you can do such as camping, hiking, biking, picnics, among others. If trails are not an option for you, you can still take advantage of the parks in your community, or your own backyard. Sometimes the simplest things prove to be the most effective. Get creative by organizing scavenger hunts, bonfires, picnics or camping “trips” in your own backyard. 

If you are willing to take it a step further, check out the national parks near your area and take advantage of the cheaper fuel prices to take a road trip with your loved ones.  

Go Back in Time 

Technology has proved to be a great advantage during times like this. Social isolation would be a lot harder without phones or Wi-Fi. Don’t forget about the ability to take pictures all the time. Look through your phone or pick up your old picture albums and reminisce on great past trips. This not only makes for a great date night idea but also for some good quality family time. It is also a fantastic mental exercise to remember past events and an even better way to relive your past trips. 

Start Planning your Next Trip

Someone once said that trips are lived 3 times: the first, is when you’re planning and anticipating it; the second, when you’re on the actual trip; and the third, is when you reminisce on your experience.  You can start living your next vacation by starting to plan it. Take some time to look through potential destinations, Airbnb’s, hotels and tourist attractions. You can also start researching about the culture and history and crafting a trip budget for when you are ready to take that trip.  

Take a Virtual Vacation 

If you really want to get creative, taking a virtual vacation will be quite entertaining and fun for you and your loved ones. Start by deciding your virtual destination. Once you’ve decided, you can plan a full day around it. 

Start by making a vacation playlist with the music you would hear. You can also cook destination meals, like making dishes from scratch like Italian, Japanese, and Mexican food. There is something so gratifying about making your own food and tasting the labor of your own hands. Whether you are doing this alone or with your family, it is a great way to entertain, learn something new and have some quality time.  However, if cooking is not your thing, you can still order in from your favorite local restaurant!

If you are a lover of culture and art, you can explore the different museum tours that are offered online. You can start searching on Google’s Arts and Culture Page, or go to your museums direct website. Finish the day by watching a movie or reading a book based on your destination of choice. And voilá, you’ve got yourself some virtual vacation! 

 Whether you try any of these ideas or not, consider always taking time for yourself to unwind and recharge after long work weeks and stressful environments. This will allow for you to better perform your daily activities and prevent burn out.