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Our workshops were created to help you develop your idea into a viable business.

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We offer multiple industry-specific workshops throughout the year.

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Each workshop is designed by entrepreneurs & nonprofit leaders.

What Are CoLab Workshops?

CoLab INC recognizes the challenge of developing an idea into a viable business, which is why we facilitate learning opportunities through multiple workshops per year. Each workshop is designed by entrepreneurs, innovators, filmmakers and nonprofit leaders.



Nonprofit Bootcamp

At Nonprofit Bootcamp we know that you want to bring hope to your community and we understand the difficulty of starting or running a nonprofit without  proper guidance.

To make operating a nonprofit easier, we have designed a 3-day Bootcamp, which takes place in the spring in Northwest Washington, to help you develop and grow your organization in a step-by-step process tailored to your needs.

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Film & Media Workshop

At Film & Media Workshop, we know that you want to be a sought-after filmmaker, but having a limited network of contacts can make you feel stuck.

Our Film & Media Workshop happens in Southern California and is designed to fill in the gaps of traditional education, give you practical advice and connect you with industry leaders.

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Real Estate Workshop

At Real Estate Workshop we know that you want to be a savvy real estate investor, but not having enough capital to start your project can be a major setback.

Our Real Estate Workshop is designed to help you find proven ways to build, grow your portfolio, and connect with experienced real estate investors..

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Technology Workshop

At Tech Workshop, we know that you want to change the way we use technology. However, the lack of resources to scale your SAAS and maximize growth can be a major challenge.

Our Tech Workshop is designed by industry experts and innovators to help you take your product to the next level.

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Lifestyle Workshop

At our Lifestyle Workshop, we know that you want to become an influencer with a committed audience of followers. The problem is knowing how to grow and reach more people, which makes you feel discouraged.

We understand the challenges that come with growing your platform, which is why our workshop is led by experts who have built large audiences of followers.

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