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We have invested over $85,000 in startups across the country.

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We have helped 15 companies (and counting) kickstart their mission.

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We have provided over 50 hours of professional, industry mentorship.


About CoLab INC

We believe launching an idea should be easier, which is why we facilitate regular workshops, pitch events and one-on-one coaching sessions to help entrepreneurs, nonprofit founders, and filmmakers to chart a course for success.

Our company is funded by successful industry leaders who are passionate about giving back by helping you achieve your goals.

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Real people. Real passion. Real relationships. Get to know the incredible people behind the scenes.
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Ryan Dye

Executive Director //
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Michael Webberley

Digital Marketing Director //
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Tanya Musgrave

There to Here: Film & Podcast Host  //
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Karla Guzman

Event Coordinator //
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Kymone Hinds

Ideas to Life //
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Raitchele Cornett

Marketing Intern //

CoLab Partners

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